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With this book you will learn -
A GEM  Best times to hunt
A GEM  How & where to acquire agates
A GEM  Introduction to fossils commonly found
A GEM  What to watch for
A GEM  Beachcombing rules & safety tips
A GEM  History of agate hunting
A GEM  Suggested reading and much more...

The authors, have combined their knowledge of actual field collecting, with their extensive background of gemology. This pocket guide, with vibrant color photos, concise text will enhance your understanding for improved collecting skills.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this guide tells it ALL! This is comprehensive, and easy-to-use, just lay your dry stones up against this full-color, illustrated guide of the what, where, when, and how to collecting agate, jasper, fossils, and petrified wood commonly found along the Pacific Coastline to identify your finds. This is ideal and easy to use for the novice or experienced collector of all ages and abilities. NOW Available shipping weight 3 ozs. Suggested retail $6.95!

This is the new complete guide of agates shown in both their natural condition and in all of their polished glory. New to this book are the stunning colors and varieties of agate including the enhydro (water agates), plus a special section of agatized fossils, petrified wood, and fossils to be found amidst the cobbles along the Oregon Coast beaches.

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